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People from Haiti have been migrating across the Americas for over a decade, and since late 2020 have been arriving in greater numbers at the US/…

The St. Columban House of Hospitality for Migrants in Santiago, Chile, provides food, shelter, a bed, and a welcoming place to live. This video…

Columban Fr. John Boles, director of Britain, recently appeared on two episodes of the "Just Life" podcast on Radio Maria England. In March, he…

A woman working at the Embroidery Project during a Saturday group-work session.
A woman working at the Embroidery Project during a Saturday work session.


Columban Embroidery Project Serves as Support Network

For over 25 years, the Missionary Society of St. Columban has accompanied one of the most impoverished communities along the US/Mexico border. It’s a colonia called Rancho Anapra, in Ciudad Juárez, MX, across the border from El Paso, TX. 

Anapra has been a place of welcome for hundreds of migrants from across Latin America. Several years ago, it was primarily a home for Mexican nationals migrating from the interior of the country looking for an affordable place to …

Stories from Columban Missions

Oscar Romero Program scholarship recipients Gabriela Bográn and Manuel Guereña
Meet Two Columban Scholars!

I am 27 years old and studied at the CTU from 2018 through the end of 2021. I was born and raised in a Latina Catholic household in San Antonio,…

Stained glass window of risen Jesus
A Listening and Discerning Church

We are familiar with adversarial debate in our government systems. The government is expected to present policies and pursue its agenda with…

Fr. Kurt Zion Pala with with students and teachers at the village school.
Good Morning Saya!

When I first arrived in Myanmar (formerly Burma), I had to learn the Burmese language for almost year. I attended daily classes with local…

Diary - In So Many Words
Mission is Simple

Recently, I was on a Zoom call with some of the Columban leaders in countries such as Korea, Peru and Myanmar. There was much talk

Chinese lantern flowers
Tongues of Fire

The morning after Pentecost, as I opened the curtains of my bedroom window, the bright red flowers in the garden next door grabbed my attention.…

Taiwanese structure on a green hillside
Prepared By the Lord

It has been slightly over one year since I was assigned to Taiwan as a lay missionary by the Missionary Society of St. Columban. I remember the…

New Deacons Jerry Lohera (left) and Elbert Balbastro
New Deacons in Manila

Two boys from the farm in the southern echelons of the Philippines knelt before Bishop Honesto Ongioco in the bright and airy chapel of the…

Bananas, apples, mangos, kiwi and other fruit
Take the Risk

I have been working with the youth at Our Mother of Divine Mercy Village (the Philippines) for some years now. The last few years have been beyond…

First Communion Group
Reflections of an Aging Catechist

During my years here in Chile, I have been always been interested in catechetics. The Chilean Church was among the first local churches in Latin…

From the Director

Fr. Chris Saenz, U.S. Director
Fr. Chris Saenz

Faces of Mission

As a child, my image of the faces of mission were predominantly priests who courageously ventured into unknown territories and established parishes, schools, hospitals and community centers. They engaged with the locals and learned the customs and language. Then there was a smattering of religious Sisters who taught in schools or worked as nurses in hospitals/clinics. At least, that is what I used to believe were the only faces of mission. Today, the faces of mission have expanded to include lay men and women and services beyond the traditional parish model.