Annual Report

2021 Columban Annual ReportDuring this past year, as a result of the coronavirus crisis, our world has experienced profound and widespread suffering as well as extraordinary compassion and resilience. We have been reminded clearly and forcefully that, since all of us are interconnected across the globe, our daily actions and interactions have consequences far beyond our range of vision. This has led us to a deeper realization of the truth of our Christian faith: that all of us belong to one family and share a common home.

The 2021 Annual Report highlights the mission work and achievements of the Missionary Society of St. Columban for the financial year ending March 31, 2021.  

Despite the pandemic, our mission throughout the world remains to build bridges and foster mutual understanding through encounters with people of other cultures and religious traditions, as well as to promote healing, reconciliation and peace. Moreover, our commitment to live in solidarity with people on the margins of our world, and to care for the earth, our common home, are ways in which we participate in God’s mission. Our proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus leads us into a deeper awareness of God’s presence and action throughout our world, which leads us into a deeper communion with the Trinity