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Give a gift and change the worldAs a Columban donor, you play a vital role in bringing Christ to people living on the margins of society in some of the poorest countries on earth. Our world can be a cold, dark and unwelcoming place. Together we can warm it and brighten it with the bright light of Christ.

In partnership we:

  • Feed the hungry by helping them find ways to feed themselves
  • Care for the sick who cannot afford medical care
  • Educate the poor to help them end their poverty
  • Cross boundaries of culture and country to build vibrant faith communities, enabling people to create better futures for themselves and their children.

Please consider supporting the Columban Missions today. Your gift can change the world for our sisters and brothers who have nothing and bring the love of Christ to their door.



Columban Lay Missionary Hyein Anna Noh

Mission Programs

Columban lay missionary Noh Hyein, better known as Anna, a teacher by profession, lives and works in the Philippines. After getting to know the women in her parish, and realizing how desperately poor they were, Anna, with the help of Columban benefactors, launched a candle making livelihood project called "Light the Life." The women make candles and earn income for their families. The program also helps in the holistic development of the women, making them value their own self-worth. The women in the program make candles that light the homes of others, but they are lighting their own paths as well.




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