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Columban Mission Magazine

Since our founding in 1918, the Society has published a magazine. It was originally named The Far East, and is now called Columban Mission. Throughout the years, our magazine has detailed the lives of Columban missionaries living and working around the world.

Today Columban missionaries continue to live Christ's command to "love one another," in good times and bad. We continue to work in areas of conflict. We continue to stand with the people who most need to know the light and love of Jesus Christ. We continue to bring your love and steadfast care to your brothers and sisters around the world. And, Columban Mission magazine details all of the work you have made possible.

Columban Mission magazine

Columban Mission Magazine

Columban Mission magazine is published eight times a year and tells the stories of our missionaries and the people they are called to serve through our shared Catholic faith. Stories are written by missionaries and include their colorful photographs. Subscriptions are free with a minimum donation of just $15 per year. Learn more about Columban Mission magazine.