Daily Prayer Archive

Dear St. Boniface, as a missionary and bishop,
you tirelessly worked to bring the message of Christ
to those who had not yet heard it.

Most holy Trinity, Godhead indivisible,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
our first beginning and our last end,
You have made us in acco

Saint Kevin,
You were privileged to live in the Age of Saints,
being baptized by one saint, taught by another
and buried by a thir

O God, grant us through the intercession
of Your dauntless bishop and martyr Erasmus,
who so valiantly confessed the Faith,
that we

Come, O Divine Spirit,
fill my heart with Your heavenly fruits,
Your charity, joy, peace, patience, goodness,
faith, mildness, and t

O God, You sent the Blessed Virgin Mary
to visit her cousin Elizabeth and to share
with her the joy of Your Son’s coming.
Give us

Glorious St. Joan of Arc,
Filled with compassion,
For those who invoke you,
Filled with love
For those who suffer,

Ever living Father, on this Memorial Day,
we pray for those who courageously laid down
their lives for the cause of freedom.
May t

The Spirit came and Your Church was born,
in wind and fire and words of power.

The Spirit came blowing fear aside,
and in its

Holy Father,
You have given us in St. Augustine of Canterbury,
a great witness of Christian faith,
grant through his intercession

Great Saint Philip Neri,
you who did prefer a life of poverty and obscurity
to one of ease and comfort
which was yours by inheritanc

O Pope St. Gregory VII, grant that all may understand
how vain it is to strive against that faith which has
always conquered and is dest

Mary Most Holy,
Mother of goodness and mercy,
who with your visible help oftentimes
freed the Christian people from the assaults

My heart holds a prayer that carries you friend
so close to God’s loving heart.
I lay out my hope that you’ll know his touch,
and be