Kind and Loving Jesus

O kind and loving Jesus, I kneel before You
and earnestly beg You to fill my soul
with deep faith, hope and love.
Give me also true repentance for my sins
and a firm desire to amend them, as,
moved by Your pain and sorrow,
I ponder on Your five most precious wounds
and call to mind the words You spoke
through Your prophet, David:
“They have pierced my hands and my feed,
they have numbered all my bones.”

Prayer to St. Paul of the Cross

O glorious Saint Paul of the Cross,
on earth you were a mirror of innocence
and a model of penance!
O hero of saintliness,
chosen by God to meditate day and night
on the bitter Passion of His only-begotten Son,
and to spread devotion by word and deed
as well as by means of your religious family!
O Apostle, mighty in word and work,
you spent your life in bringing back
to the foot of the Cross the erring souls
of countless unfortunate sinners!
Mercifully look down once more from heaven

Guide Us in Our Love

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
We praise You and give You glory:
We bless You for calling us to be Your holy people.

Remain in our hearts,
And guide us in our love and service.
Help us to let our light shine before others
And lead them to the way of faith.

Holy Trinity of love,
We praise you now and forever.


Prayer to St. Luke

Help us all, good Saint Luke,
to imitate very closely the life
and virtues of our Blessed Mother Mary,
about whom you wrote so beautifully,
and of Him whom she bore into this world,
Jesus Christ our Lord and our God,
who lives and is King for ever and ever.


Xavier College

Xavier College was established in 1953 as a boys school by the Catholic Archdiocese of Suva, Fiji, to provide Christian education, particularly to Indian youth in the western part of Fiji and was entrusted to the Columban Fathers at the request of Bishop Foley. The latter saw education,

Prayer for Laity Sunday

Dear God, we pray for the laity
in our Church throughout the world.
You sent out Your disciples to proclaim the Gospel
to the laity because You want us
to be saved on the last day.

Lord God, help our clergy to be able to guide us
through the correct path to You,
may they continue to pray for us the laity
so that we remain fruitful branches of You, the True Vine.


St. Peter and St. Paul's Embrace of Peace

I am generally not so enthusiastic about explaining my artworks. I would rather have the artwork speak for itself to those gazing on it, because I feel that words are not enough and, even if they were, they are limited. In this article, however, I’d like to talk about the process, my intended symbolism and my short reflection on the mural that I painted on the entrance door of the Martyrs Chapel of the Columban Formation House and Lay Mission Center in Seoul, Korea. The painting is entitled “St. Peter and St. Paul’s Embrace of Peace.”