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September 19, 2018

You, O eternal Trinity,
are a deep sea into which,
the more I enter,
the more I find.
And the more I find,
the more I seek.
O abyss, O eternal Godhead,
O sea profound,
what more could you give me than yourself?


September 18, 2018

Lord, we are here to be attentive to your Word;
we are here to search for Your Truth.
Speak to us, Lord, Your servants are listening.
Teach us to listen and respond.
Lord, in the noise and bustle of life
it is not easy to find Your Truth.
Help us to be quiet and still.
Make us attentive to You tonight.

September 17, 2018

God our Father, 
only You can give meaning and purpose to life.
Let Your Word, rich as it is,
pierce deeply into our hearts
and change our lives,
so that we may know life at its best,
and learn to live for You and for others.
Through Christ our Lord.


September 16, 2018

Help me, dear Lord,
to really believe that Christian love is the greatest power in the world.
Let me see that this is not an emotion,
but a central attitude of one's being,
an attitude of service for others in Your Name.
It is the result of your grace,
and prompts us to will only good things for others as images of God.

September 15, 2018

I beseech you,
O Lord Jesus Christ,
that the Blessed Virgin Mary,
whose most holy soul was pierced
in the hour of your Passion
by the sword of sorrow,
may intercede for us
with Your mercy now
and at the hour of our death.


September 14, 2018

At the rising of Your sun
Lord God, Creator of light,
at the rising of Your sun each morning,
let the greatest of all lights, Your love,
rise, like the sun, within my heart.

September 13, 2018

O everlasting and loving God,
I consecrate myself wholly to Your today.
Lt all my days offer you ceaseless praise,
my hands move to the rhythm of Your impulses,
my feet be swift in Your service,
my voice sing constantly of You,
my lips proclaim Your message,
my eyes perceive You everywhere,
and my ears be attuned to your inspirations.

September 12, 2018

Sweet Child Mary,
destined to be the Mother of God
and our sovereign and loving Mother,
by the prodigies of grace you lavish upon us,
mercifully listen to my humble requests.
In the needs which press upon me from every side
and especially in my present tribulation,
I place all my trust in you.

September 11, 2018

God of peace, bring your peace to our violent world:
peace in the hearts of all men and women
and peace among the nations of the earth.
Turn to your way of love
those who’s hearts and minds
are consumed with hatred.

September 10, 2018
Columban Frs. Barry Cairns (right) and Leo Schumaker (left) in front of the window

Columban history in the Japan mission is behind this stained glass window of the Risen Christ. In 1979, the architect of the new headquarters for the then almost 100 Columbans in Japan commissioned stained glass artist Hideo Matsuda to create Stations of the Cross for the new chapel. Hideo Matsuda has just returned from France and this was his first work in Japan.


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Columban logoThe Columbans are a society of missionaries, including priests and lay people, who minister to people of various cultures as a way of witnessing to the universal love of God.

We go in the name of the Church to announce, by deed and word, the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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